In my opinion at least.

Technology is being designed to be more addictive. The social media, video game, video, and news industries are all developing their software to keep you in front of their program for as long as possible. If they can keep you, the user, engaged they can collect data, fine-tune their algorithms to engage you and others like you better, and profit off of you either through subscriptions or by showing you advertisements. This business model has many adverse effects on you and the society that you live in. For example, if you are spending more time…

What is a tree in regards to Computer Science?

Photo by Mario Dobelmann on Unsplash

When most people hear the word tree they might imagine a conifer or palm, maybe aspen or maple tree. It really depends on the region you come from. But when computer scientists talk about trees it is in regard to a specific type of data structure. This is because when you think about how the tree data structure is organized it is reminiscent of an organic tree.

What are the core components of a tree?

The core components of a tree are its nodes. Each tree has a node from which you can find all other nodes this is called the root node there can only be one…

Have you ever been building a project and testing it locally then find out you can’t get it to run in production for the life of you? I know I have and I expect most developers experience this at some point as well. The problem might not be too obvious or maybe it is obvious but the platform that you are trying to deploy to such as Heroku doesn’t support what you are trying to do. It can be quite frustrating to know you can get a project working locally but not be able to show it to the world…

John Miner

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